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EFX Brings Alive the World of Animal Awards

It appears to be the season for commissioning animal awards and trophies and the EFX factory can sometimes resemble a menagerie. We have had a herd of spotted horses prancing through, an energetic bunny bouncing around, the engaging Stanley from the BBC 1’s show Pooch Perfect, whilst the Animal Hero Awards featuring some adorable pets […]

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Jonathan Porritt Accepts Edie Sustainability Award and Challenges Government to Legislate

Jonathan Porritt CBE and green activist collected a Lifetime Achievement Award at the edie Sustainability Leaders Awards 2020, held 5 February in London. Special EFX sponsored the trophies and Melanie Osborne, Sales Director, attended the event and reported that he stepped up to the dais, firmly placed his EFX-made trophy in front of him and […]

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What Makes a Great Tennis Trophy?

As I write this, Wimbledon is in its second week. Already, many of the seeds have made their last Wimbledon appearance for 2019. Meanwhile, a few up-and-coming youngsters, are thrilling the crowds and threatening the status quo. The Venus Rosewater Dish and the Gold Cup are sparkling and Wimbledon’s official engraver of tennis trophies has […]

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Tara’s Winners Experience

With EFX awards being our family business for as long as I can remember I have always been on the congratulating side of Award giving. Appreciating how hard people have worked to be rewarded with such an accolade. So to be on the side everyone wants to experience was a feeling I will never forget! […]

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How to Make
your Annual Awards Collectable

If your awards event is an annual occasion and there is a probability that some of the winners could have won previously, you may like to consider commissioning a Collector Awards Series. In this way, you ensure your trophies remain desirable and coveted, year after year, and winners are inspired to try and win the […]

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Henley Regatta’s Amazing Cups and Trophies

I spent a glorious day at Henley last Sunday, or more correctly, ‘Henley Royal Regatta’ The combination of the sparkling river, formidable rowing prowess, striped blazers and flowing frocks, champagne and sunshine is one of those uniquely English experiences to savour. Cups and trophies that date back to 1835 Inevitably, I found my way to […]

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