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Trophy Recycling

Did you know that EFX don’t just use recycled materials for our trophies, we can also recycle your old unwanted awards and medals for you.

Why should I recycle my old trophy?

If you’ve got an old EFX award, trophy or medal that no longer holds a lot of meaning for you, you don’t need to throw it away.

Instead, you can send it back to EFX for us to recycle for you.

Because we use recycled materials in our new trophies, we’re able to recycle our old acrylic and aluminium awards instead of sending them to landfill.

What trophies can EFX recycle?

At EFX we can recycle awards made of acrylic, or made of aluminium (even if they are plated).

Currently we can’t recycle mixed material trophies, as it’s difficult to separate the elements cleanly.

Do you recycle medals and trophies for anyone?

At the moment we can only recycle trophies and medals that we have made for our clients. That’s because we can’t guarantee that the materials used in a trophy made by someone else are actually suitable for recycling.

Do you charge for trophy or medal recycling?

There’s no fee if you’d like to recycle your old EFX trophy. All you need to do is pay to post it back to us, and we’ll take it from there, with no additional charge.

Can you turn my old trophy into a new one?

We can’t melt down your old trophy and transform it into something new, but we can absolutely take your current trophy and give it a new lease of life!

Sometimes a little rebranding and refinishing can make your award feel like it’s brand new. So if you’re interested in refreshing your old award or trophy, get in touch with us to find out more.

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