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3D Printed Awards

At EFX, we can create 3D printed awards at our manufacturing centre, which means we can create truly unique trophies based on intricate designs or even real world inspiration.




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3D award printing

3D printing is a great way to produce awards and trophies in unusual shapes, sizes and styles. This technology gives EFX scope to create designs that aren’t restricted by manufacturing requirements.

One of the other fantastic things about 3D printed trophies is that you can use almost any material to create your award, such as acrylic, resin or metal. 

We often use 3D printing to create moulds which are then used for casting, or for rapid prototyping as well as creating actual trophies. 

3D printed trophies

As well as 3D printing, EFX create 3D designs for most of our awards using state of the art software at our manufacturing site just outside Stratford-upon-Avon.

With 3D modelling and prototyping, we can create trophies in almost any style you can imagine and give you a really clear picture of what it could look like.

With the ability to use 3D prototyping and printing at our manufacturing facility, it means that EFX really can create unique, original designs that stand out at any awards ceremony.

We gave EFX a brief to come up with a slick, modern design worthy of a glamorous awards show of this kind and they exceeded our expectations in terms of design, manufacturing and delivery. The design feels light years away from where we were and looked fantastic on stage with the winners.

British Soap Awards

EFX, as always, were a joy to work with for the TV Choice Awards. Highly efficient, thorough and committed, they always produce stunning awards for each of our award productions.

TV Choice

It was a pleasure to engage the lovely team at EFX in helping develop the graduates’ dynamic ideas. EFX brought this ambitious project to life.

Formula E

We see our IWC/EFX Trophies all over the world in vineyards, retailers and wine trade offices in prominent positions…EFX have supplied every one of our trophies over this period and we, like our customers, are delighted with them.

The International Wine Challenge

We found Special EFX fast, efficient and easy to work with. They created a fantastic trophy with flair and imagination and a degree of practicality hard to find.

Al Shira’aa Stables

We’ve had a great reaction to our new look award… Ironically, unlike anyone in this industry, it’s ‘two-faced’ with the reverse side featuring the famous ‘Joker’ playing cards that have been symbol of the Comedy Awards for the past 20 years.

British Comedy Awards
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