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Sustainable Awards

EFX have the materials and processes to create beautiful bespoke awards that are sustainably sourced and eco friendly.



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What makes a trophy sustainable?

There are lots of different things that could make your award sustainable. One of the biggest elements is what your trophy is made from.

At EFX we use a wide range of sustainable and recycled materials to make our awards, including ethically sourced wood, 100% recycled acrylic and 79% recycled aluminium. We also have a zero-to-landfill policy, meaning that offcuts from our aluminium and acrylic manufacturing are all recycled, and not thrown away.

As well as the materials we use, we also have an eco-friendly manufacturing facility, where we use sustainable solar panels for power, and have our own treatment plant for waste water.

And on top of all that, we also fund tree planting and sustainable community projects through our partnership with Ecologi.

Trophies made from recycled materials

If you’re after a sustainable trophy, recycled materials are a great place to start. At EFX we make our acrylic and metal trophies out of recycled materials.

Recycled acrylic trophies Recycled metal trophies

And we also make sure any offcuts created in the manufacturing process are recycled themselves, meaning there’s zero waste going to landfill.

Awards made from natural materials

Of course recycled materials aren’t the only way to go when you’re looking for an eco-friendly award, you can also look at using a natural material such as stone or wood.

Stone awards Sustainable wood awards

At EFX we use sustainably sourced oak, cherry, walnut and bamboo for our trophies, meaning that any trees or plants used for manufacturing are replaced, leaving no impact on the environment.

Why choose an eco friendly trophy?

Environmental impact is becoming a huge part of everyday life, and most organisations and events want to make sure that they mitigate their impact as much as possible.

While your awards and trophies may only be a small part of your carbon footprint, they represent your dedication to sustainability, and pass that value on to your winners too.

EFX are committed to sustainability

We're supporting carbon reduction and sustainability projects across the globe, find out more.

trees planted


of carbon reduction

Sustainable trophy design

With so many sustainable materials to choose for your trophy, you can create almost any design imaginable!

At EFX, our experienced trophy designers will bring your ideas to life, whether you’ve got a clear picture of what you want, are working with some rough ideas such as your logo and branding, or if you’re starting from a blank slate.

Sustainable materials

Personalised eco trophies

All of our sustainable awards can be personalised with laser engraving or digital printing.

  • Laser engraving

    Laser engraving creates a beautiful etched finish into your trophy material, and is particularly beautiful in acrylic or metal.

  • Digital printing

    Digital printing can be used for simple personalisation, but also opens up a whole new element of design, as you can print almost anything - including photographs - onto your trophy, meaning you can be as creative as you like in your personalisation.

How EFX make your bespoke sustainable trophy

We believe that sustainable manufacturing processes are as important as using sustainable materials.

  • Solar powered manufacturing facility

    That’s why our manufacturing facility is powered by solar energy

  • Wastewater treatment

    Why we treat our wastewater on site, preventing any untreated water from getting into the ecosystem.

How to order a recycled award

It couldn’t be easier to get started with your sustainable trophy design. Simply fill out our form with as much detail as you can, such as the number you need, your budget and any artwork you’d like us to use, and we’ll be in touch to talk about your free designs!

Packaging and delivery of sustainable trophies

At EFX, we even use recycled and sustainable packaging for our trophies, including recycled bubble wrap, biodegradable loose fill and sustainable packing tape.

We use a next day courier service as standard for all UK mainland deliveries, and have options for international, rush or multiple location deliveries.

We gave EFX a brief to come up with a slick, modern design worthy of a glamorous awards show of this kind and they exceeded our expectations in terms of design, manufacturing and delivery. The design feels light years away from where we were and looked fantastic on stage with the winners.

British Soap Awards

EFX, as always, were a joy to work with for the TV Choice Awards. Highly efficient, thorough and committed, they always produce stunning awards for each of our award productions.

TV Choice

It was a pleasure to engage the lovely team at EFX in helping develop the graduates’ dynamic ideas. EFX brought this ambitious project to life.

Formula E

We see our IWC/EFX Trophies all over the world in vineyards, retailers and wine trade offices in prominent positions…EFX have supplied every one of our trophies over this period and we, like our customers, are delighted with them.

The International Wine Challenge

We found Special EFX fast, efficient and easy to work with. They created a fantastic trophy with flair and imagination and a degree of practicality hard to find.

Al Shira’aa Stables

We’ve had a great reaction to our new look award… Ironically, unlike anyone in this industry, it’s ‘two-faced’ with the reverse side featuring the famous ‘Joker’ playing cards that have been symbol of the Comedy Awards for the past 20 years.

British Comedy Awards
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