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Five Benefits of Having Participation Trophies in Children’s Sports

Whether it’s ‘Man of the Match’, Sports Day or simply taking part in the school rounders competition – sport is an integral part of any child’s life whilst at school. But that doesn’t necessarily mean every child is a natural athlete.

We all remember those days at school, being forced to run cross country in the rain. Well, imagine how things might have been different if there had been a sports day medal, trophy or award waiting at the end for you?

Whilst the idea of “participation trophies” is a controversial one, today we’re sharing five benefits of awarding the act of simply taking part in sports that you may not have otherwise considered.

Participation trophies encourage physical activity

If something isn’t your thing, the chances are you will do your best to avoid it at all costs. This is the same for kids in school, where it is often deemed more appealing to sit along the side-lines and watch than to participate. 

But, instead of worrying about being picked last or being self-conscious about fitness levels, taking part in a sporting activity with the knowledge that you will be rewarded with a physical token of achievement at the end, can be all the encouragement that’s needed.

It removes the feeling of being isolated

School can be a tough time for our children and sports, in particular, can often marginalise kids. But teamwork with one set goal of winning an award can help to build positive relationships, form friendships and even boost self-esteem. 

It’s these mental health benefits in particular that can make a lasting psychological impression later down the line.

They teach the value of hard work and effort

If physical activity isn’t your forte, it can be all too easy to throw in the towel, but encouraging effort, applauding perseverance and rewarding hard work are incredibly valuable for later on in life.

They boost confidence

Confidence is a huge barrier for many kids when it comes to taking part in physical activity. It can be the thing stopping them from wanting to even try. Participation awards not only give children something to strive for, but they also offer a tangible result for getting up and having a go.

They act as positive motivators

Whether it’s sports or something else, children will fast lose interest if they feel they’re not progressing and never winning. The gift of a personalised trophy can not only reward their efforts, but can work as a motivator to keep practising and improving.

Does your school have an upcoming sporting event?

Whether it’s cross country medals to sports day trophies, our off the shelf awards are the perfect solution! Available at short notice, but still customisable to your school and easy to quickly personalise, they are a fantastic option for this type of event.

We have a wide range of materials and trophy shapes on offer, and can provide a fast turnaround, so why not get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your requirements? 

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