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EFX Serves Up Acclaimed Sustainable Award for Apetito

In December Apetito, the award-winning catering company, transformed its annual, exclusive awards dinner into an all-embracing, virtual celebration for its entire 1600+ team. The event proved popular with everyone. Likewise, the EFX-made, winners’ trophies, sympathetically produced from 100% sustainable wood and in-keeping with the company’s ethical and sustainable values. Each day, Apetito prepares and delivers […]

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Turn Heads with Awards Made from Recycled Materials

When it comes to designing awards made from recycled materials, the possibilities and design innovations are exponentially increasing. Enquiries for eco-friendly trophies have been steadily growing for a few years and EFX has been busy sourcing new recycled materials and coming up with creative ideas to help address its own and customers’ Corporate Social Responsibility […]

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Major New Welsh Football Trophy Presented for the
First Time

Special EFX has created the Nathaniel MG Cup for the JD Welsh Premier League; the football trophy was presented for the first time on Saturday, 19 January, to the winning team Cardiff Met. Commissioned by the Football Association of Wales, the contemporary dragon design is a marked departure from traditional, silver plated football trophies and […]

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Damien Hirst Creates 3D SeaWorld in Venice

Last weekend I visited Damien Hirst’s much criticised solo exhibition in Venice. Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable is curated by Elena Geuna, who has in my opinion achieved an out-of-this-world experience of epic proportions, split across the two sites of the Palazzo Grassi and the Punta della Dogana. The exhibition is on at the same time as […]

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5 Unique Designs for Bespoke Wood Awards

The appeal of natural wood spans all ages and cultures. It oozes character and stands the test of time. A sympathetic material to work in, wood can be turned into fashionable and prestigious awards, trophies and plaques. Here at EFX we work with only recycled and sustainable wood from responsible sources. 1. The subject tells […]

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Discover the Latest Perpetual Trophy Ideas

I love this photo! It features the Emperor’s Cup, which is presented to the winner of the annual Kyushu Grand Sumo Tournament in Japan. It sums up the dilemma of perpetual trophies: the older the trophy, the longer the list of names to be engraved and the bigger the trophy becomes. I do wonder if […]

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4 Styles of Stone Awards Guaranteed to Appeal

The appeal of naturally inspired products is widespread, especially in the home. Stone and wood floors, stone baths, granite work surfaces, ebony tables…the list is endless. This affinity with natural materials dates back centuries and now extends into many other walks of life, including awards and trophies. Here at EFX we work in a diverse […]

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4 Ways to Add a Personal Touch with Handmade Awards

From time to time we receive requests for handmade awards, with clients specifically asked for an “artisan” or “imperfect appearance”. Our production team, particularly the polishing shop, spend their days obtaining mirror-finished perfection, so creating awards which intentionally appear handmade and with an inconsistent finish requires a fresh mind-set. We have perfected an interesting variety […]

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