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Award Inspiration: Our Favourite Star Awards

Stars are always a popular trophy shape, so when you’re thinking about creating your own star shaped award, it can help to get a little inspiration from other designs.

We’ve put together a round-up of our favourite star trophies, to give you some ideas for your own unique award design.


What material is best for a star shaped award?

Star awards can come in a huge range of shapes, sizes and colours, but you should also think about the right trophy material

Each different material brings its own unique style and finish to an award, so here are some of our favourites in a wide range of materials, from acrylic to crystal.


Acrylic star awards

Acrylic is always one of our favourite materials for creating trophies of any shape! That’s because it’s incredibly versatile to work with, so you can create all sorts of different shapes and designs.

That’s particularly true of the Makers & Shakers Award, celebrating excellence in film and TV production. What we love about this award is its unique star shape – a 3D creation that gives the award texture, shine and originality.



Wooden star trophies

Wood has become more and more popular for trophies over the last few years. That’s not just because people are looking for more sustainable award options, but also because wood has its own unique texture and finish. 

One of our favourite wooden star awards is the Colworth Award. This trophy is wonderfully tactile, and really celebrates the beauty of the wood it’s made from. Another thing we loved about it, was the fact that there were also mini star trophies to go along with it!

Gold star awards

Of course a golden star award is always going to be a winner. The Now That’s Entertainment trophy is one of our favourite designs, as it incorporates a wide range of elements – and an awful lot of stars!

Gold star trophy


The main central star is 24kt gold plate, and when you consider the trophy stands at 410mm, it means that the shine and gloss of the gold really makes an impact.


Glass star trophy designs

Crystal star awards are probably one of the most popular styles available, and we’ve got a big range of star glass trophy designs in our off the shelf range.

But one of our favourite glass star awards is this BIFM award. With the angled star and frosted accents, you can see just how you can turn a simple style into something spectacular.


How to incorporate a star into your trophy design

There are lots of different ways you can take inspiration from a star shape for your award, so don’t be afraid to think outside of the box.

Star shaped awards and trophies

Creating an award in the actual shape of a star is probably the most popular design, but a “star shape” can actually come in a lot of different styles.

There’s everything from your classic 2D pentagram star as used in the TV Choice Award, to starbursts, or even complex 3D designs with unique accents and variations. 

Star shaped awards


Star accents

Of course you don’t need to make your entire award into a star – using it as a highlight or accent to your award can be just as impactful, and sometimes can inspire a little more creativity.

Take the Adidas Award, the stars in this trophy aren’t the main focus, but make it feel as if the unicorn itself is made from stars.

Or to take a different angle, this IET Award uses a shooting star to create a really elegant, unique design based on its trail.

Cut-out stars

Cut-out stars are a common feature and accent on awards, giving that little detail that elevates the entire design. 

You can see some great examples on our Build Your Stack Award, and the C21 International Drama Award


Engraved & Printed stars

Another popular way to create star trophies and awards is to create a graphic design that can be printed onto your award. This means you can explore graphical star designs as well as physical shapes.

Some of our favourite printed star designs include the Apetito Award and the Haymarket Employee Award


Both these designs take very different approaches, with the Haymarket trophy using additional geometric elements to create almost a 3D effect. The Apetito award takes a totally different approach, creating the star from blank space.


Star awards and trophies

There are so many different ways you can incorporate star shapes into your award design. From 3D shapes to graphical prints, there’s a unique style to suit everyone.

If you’ve been inspired by our favourite star shaped awards, we’d love to talk to you about creating your own! Just get in touch for more details or to get a quote for your new star trophy. 


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