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The Magical World of 3D Trophy Creation

3D technology frequently makes the headlines. Over the years, the reports of ever more amazing achievements have continued. Everything from printing a 3D copy of your pet Fido to printing body parts. It seems like magic at times. At EFX, 3D machining technology is an integral part of our production process for certain styles of trophies and awards. It can be used to create truly bespoke designs for a wide range of industries, from business awards to golf trophies. Here are a few examples that may whet your appetite!

3D trophy printing – the process

Creating a 3D trophy is split into a few stages.

First, we discuss a client’s design request, interpreting that as a 2D drawing, then converting the drawing into a 3D CAD drawing, before 3D printing it out as the original model. In some instances, there will be various components that come together to form an ultimate trophy, so in this case we’ll then also assemble any 3D machined parts together with other elements made at our workshop.

The joy of 3D printing is that we can achieve extremely complex designs, that would otherwise be impossible. Take the Barclaycard trophy shown above, which features three partially visible, interlocking orbs with a void around them. The interlocking trophy component, shown in cream and cocooned by the supporting nickel-plated aluminium frame, is 3D printed. The inner elements all move individually.

This would be a hugely complex challenge to create using traditional methods, such as those deployed to carve this antique, white jade treasure featured below. The only way to achieve such delicate complexity prior to 3D printing was to start with a solid block and painstakingly chip away to reveal the seven balls within balls, in decreasing sizes. Few artisans could ever hope to be that skilled and I’ve never seen such a sculpture where the inner elements can move.  The more you study it, the more incredible it is!

3D trophy finishes

3D printing does have its limitations as the cost is related to the cubic size and sometimes it is too expensive for volume production runs. In these cases, we produce the 3D master and then produce moulds to cast in weighted bronze or silver resin, to great effect.

These stunning corporate gifts celebrate the extension of a shopping centre in Italy and were produced in silver resin from a 3D printed model, created from the original architectural CAD drawings.

Not sure where to get started or how to create a custom award? If you have an impossible or complex idea for a trophy design, do pick up the telephone and talk to us– 3D technology may be the answer.




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