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The 5 Hot UK Sports Trophies to Win 2016

We work for numerous national sporting associations and bodies. Each year, we are tasked with creating and producing bigger and ever more impressive trophies. In the wake of an amazing stream of Olympic medals having been won by Team GB at Rio 16, the EFX Sales team has come up with its own dream list of UK sports trophies to be won in 2016.

Wimbledon Men’s Singles


The Wimbledon trophy, officially known as the Gentlemen’s Singles Trophy was first presented in 1887. It is a perpetual trophy, just 18 inches tall and made in silver gilt. Yes, that is a pineapple with a helmet on the top.  It never leaves the All England tennis club, although Andy Murray did take it into his ice bath after winning the championship this year. The winners have to make-do with a three-quarter size replica. Having run out of space around the trophy in 2009 to engrave winners’ names, an extra tier was added.

Ryder Cup


Made in gold, the cup is crowned by a diminutive golfing figure from the 1920’s. Said to resemble the then golf professional Abe Mitchell, this sports trophy is a fabulous period piece. It is fiercely contested every two years.  Whether USA or Europe wins and wherever the contest is held, the Ryder Cup stays at home in GB. Too delicate to travel, a double makes all the public appearances and the winning squad each receive a souvenir sized trophy to take home.

Six Nations Championship


This northern hemisphere, annual rugby tournament started out as the Home Nations Championship in 1883, then became the Five Nations and since the arrival of Italy in 2000 has been known as the Six Nations. Likewise, the trophy has six sides, a gold-plated ‘6’ on each handle, a crown on the top and is made in sterling silver and is estimated to be worth £55,000.  Whilst the competition dates back to the 19th century, the current trophy, designed by silversmith Thomas Lyte, was first presented last year in 2015.

The FA Cup


As a football-loving nation, the FA Cup stirs up extreme emotions. It is the oldest association football competition in the world, having been founded in 1871. However, this famous trophy is a replica!  The current one was made in 2014 and is a double of the second ever design which was first seen in 1911. Today’s Cup was introduced because the previous one was wearing out. It is made in sterling 925 silver with the band of winners around the base taken from the previous cup.  It has also been designed to be robust enough to withstand a hectic promotional schedule each season.

The Epsom Derby


This sports trophy design sneaks in at number five, only because The Americas Cup does not happen until 2017 and therefore lost its top five position. Amazingly, up until 2010 there was no recognisable trophy for this event, which is one of the greatest flat races in the world. That changed when equine sculptor Charlie Langton was commissioned to create an iconic Cup for the race – the equivalent of the FA Cup in horse racing. It features three galloping horses, measure half a metre in diameter and is cast in silver by the London jeweller, Asprey. All previous winners are engraved on a cuff around the base. Like so many of these celebrated trophies, the winner momentarily holds it on the day and then it is returned to Epsom for public display.



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