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Send off for Your Bee Saver Kit Now

Last week the EU banned the use of pesticides containing neonicotinoids, which will hopefully help revive the bee population.  But, according to Friends of the Earth, bee numbers are down a staggering 70% and pesticides alone are surely not to blame. The late cold snap suffered by much of the country this spring did not help either and local bee keepers reported yet more hive losses.

Bees save £1.8 billion

Bees are amazing. There are reported to be 267 species of bee in the UK alone… it is estimated that it would cost farmers over £1.8 billion to pollinate our fruit and veg by other means, if the bee population was wiped out.

Bee friendly plaques

Friends of the Earth has launched a major save our bee campaign and is providing vital bee saver kits containing wildflowers, garden planners and other materials to help make bee friendly areas in your garden, in return for a donation.  You will soon see specially created Bee World engraved plaques popping up around the country too, which EFX was commissioned to make as part of the campaign. Bright yellow, you won’t be able to miss them – let’s hope these specially created meadows attract the bees and start to make a real difference.


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