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World Masters Hockey World Cup Trophy & ‘Jolly Hockey Sticks’!

‘Jolly Hockey Sticks’ is a phrase used to express enthusiasm or excitement, coined back in the 1950s. Initially you may not see the similarities between that phrase and this unique trophy design, but both are a projection of a proactive approach and the desire to make an impact – and this trophy is really something to get excited about!

World Masters Hockey (WMH), the worldwide governing body for Masters Field Hockey, organises inclusive competitions for players of both genders, in ten age groups from 35 to over 80 years of age! WMH organises indoor and outdoor World Cups and Continental Championships for international teams, a selection of the best players in their countries, and ‘Spirit of Masters’ teams for players who want to play slightly less serious hockey, or were not selected for their international team. The two levels share a passion for the sport and the long-lasting friendships which are the core of the world renowned ‘Hockey Family’!

After looking at various award websites, WMH decided that EFX were the most creative team, likely to produce something special!

The trophy will be awarded to the winners of the Men’s and Women’s World Cup at the tournaments in Nottingham, Cape Town & Tokyo. The trophy will be awarded at the end of each final with opportunities for the World Champions to celebrate their success with team mates and families. We love the community aspect of this award. It allows the winning teams to fully enjoy their moment of glory, experience the elation that comes with feeling and holding a trophy for which they have given their all, and of course, pose for the cameras!

The Steps to the Final Design

The client’s initial design idea of 5 spiral staircases with hockey stick steps, evolved into this 11-part award. The client and our design team worked together to imagine larger hockey sticks, topped by a globe featuring the WMH logo. The main aim was for the trophy to be unique in comparison to other world sport’s trophies, have a strong visual impact and be sufficiently robust to survive global transportation.

Each of the polished nickel-plated aluminium hockey sticks is engraved with the name of one of the 5 Continental Hockey Federations and the WMH logo is encapsulated in a clear acrylic ball reflecting its vibrant red colour. The logo is also repeated on top of the reflective base for a seamless flow to the award. The delighted client commented that ‘Everyone who has seen the real trophy and its photographs, likes it. I am confident that it will create the required impact that every World Cup trophy should, and its rather unique style and appearance is unlike any trophies I have ever seen’.

The WMH aim is to help create a world where hockey can be a lifelong sport for all. We are proud for our award to be a part of that and the EFX team cannot wait to see the trophy awarded later this year!

Follow along in the tournaments this year: World Masters Hockey

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