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Vuelio Round-Up & Celebrate the Best in Blogging

Surely, there is a blog covering every conceivable topic by now? There are literally millions of posts a year. In fact, Special EFX contributes to the statistics and regularly blogs about awards and trophies. So, it was rather apt that EFX was asked to design and manufacture the inaugural Vuelio Blog Awards, which were held at The Brewery, London last November. The list of categories highlighted how active and far-reaching blogging is as a communication tool − parenting, politics, art and film, food, fashion and marketing, to name but a few.

The design of the acrylic awards was inspired by the boldly coloured circles of the Vuelio logo. They were manufactured in clear acrylic and then reverse printed, using bold colours, and mounted on a polished nickel plinth, laser engraved with the winners’ details.

One of the winners was Ann Pettifor, who the award for Best Business & Finance Blog for Debtonation blog. On receiving her award she revealed: “I was both surprised and thrilled to win the Vuelio Blog Award. Economics is known as the “dismal science” so it’s a particular honour to win an award for blogging about the subject. The winning of the award has galvanised me into planning an update and refresh. I know it has many fans, but it’s some time since it was modernised to catch up with all the rapid changes in web technology. However the content will continue to honour my mission, which is to make economic debates accessible to non-economists and to ensure that ethics and morality remain at the heart of economic policy.’’

Given the current Brexit debate, a few more economic blogs are likely to be fighting for the honours next year!

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