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Thorntons Deliver Chocolate Smiles All Round

Did you know Thorntons uses 2m tonnes of cocoa per year? That the company is over 100 years old? And, if you visit a Thorntons shop you could be treated to a free Thorntons Smile chocolate as part of its customer engagement programme? Chocolate and smiles so often go together, which is why this year Thorntons presented Smile Maker awards to top achieving staff, at its recent franchise conference.

The cheeky Smile Maker Awards were designed and manufactured by Special EFX in a lush, shiny acrylic – chocolate brown colour, of course! Each one was mounted on a personalised, polished nickel base, which was digitally printed.  In addition, Special EFX made the clear acrylic, digitally printed, franchise sales awards, which were presented to the best new store, independent franchisee, sales territories and the like. Should you be in the area, the Thorntons shop in Urmston, Manchester won the top Franchisee of the Year Award – perhaps worth a special trip if you are a chocoholic!

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