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The Grass Proves Greener with an ESTO Award

Events promoting excellence and celebrated with industry awards play an important role in so many sectors, including that of synthetic turf. The European Synthetic Turf Organisation (ESTO) is a non-profit organisation engaged in the unbiased promotion of quality synthetic turf, which is widely used by a number of international sports including football, hockey and athletics. As such ESTO facilitates the effective networking and communication between all levels of the supply chain, including manufacturers, installers, test institutes and architects. The inaugural Big Turf Networking Party and ESTO Awards were held 28 October in Cologne, Germany, following the success of the first ever ESTO Football Awards. The latter event was held in 2014 and brought together those involved in the creation of top flight synthetic football pitches and which demonstrated an appetite in the industry for such prestigious events.

Special EFX was commissioned to design and manufacture the trophies for the recent ESTO Awards, creating exclusive and high quality trophies for the three key categories. Those named in the Hall of Fame Awards received a polished nickel plated aluminium trophy, featuring the organisation’s circular logo and standing 27cms tall, which was laser engraved with the winners’ names. The Lifetime Achievement Awards were differentiated by the lozenge shape, whilst the Company Awards featured a striking column, made in clear and grass green glass, boldly decorated using digital print.

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