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Technology Helps Win the Sports Day

By the time this newsletter is published, the London Marathon will be over for another year and participants will be nursing their blisters, aches and pains, with pride and thinking about next year… The BBC’s Get Inspired website is a mine of information about such events and sport in general. It is a rolling news site with a good dose of coverage about ‘normal’ people, not just élite athletes, enjoying and participating in sport. So good in fact that it has just won a Sports Technology Award 2016: Best Technology to Promote Participation. Another techie winner was the Cricket Australia for Best Brand App, which allows fans of cricket to live stream matches, scores, interviews and news on their mobiles and tablets, wherever they are in the world.

The Sports Technology Awards 2016 were presented at a luncheon at The Brewery in London, 15th April and proved fun. Amber from the Special EFX office attended and was particularly engaged by the proceedings opening with a drone delivering the host’s script to the stage. Special EFX designed and manufactured the trophies for the occasion, which featured a fashionable brushed aluminium finish, pierced to reveal the event’s green graphics replicated on acrylic. Each award was then digitally printed and the winner’s details engraved.

They proved very popular, according to CEO Rebecca Hopkins who said:“As well as reflecting the achievements of the winners, the trophies are a key part of the brand identity of the Sports Technology Awards. Consequently we wanted something that looked exceptional, made the winning businesses feel good about their victory and would showcase our branding in an eye-catching way. We were delighted with Special EFX’s design and they were exceptional efficient with their delivery – they were a pleasure to work with.”

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