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SORAS Celebrates its 30 years Anniversary

SORAS is the leading insurance provider in Rwanda and recently celebrated 30 years of business. The occasion included a special event for staff and business associates, held at the Serena Hotel in Kigali, which warranted unique and prestigious trophies. Thanks to a recommendation from a contact in Brussels, SORAS commissioned Special EFX to make them for the occasion. Manufactured in gold plated aluminium, the awards featured full-colour printed decoration and were mounted on a gold-plated plinth.

Honoured recipients of the SORAS 30th anniversary awards included The President of the Republic of Rwanda, in gratitude for his support of the insurance sector over the years. Mr. Charles Mporanyi, Founder and Chairman of Soras, was likewise honoured, along with other notables. Mr. David Mporanyi, Commercial Director and responsible for commissioning the trophies, was very satisfied with the outcome: “The trophies were the first of this kind to be seen here in Rwanda and people loved them; the design was exactly as we wanted and we are definitely pleased with EFX”.

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