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Prince Edward Presents Silver Cup to Help Chilean Firefighters

A fact that may surprise many here in the UK is that in Chile all fire services are manned by volunteers. In Santiago alone there are 22 Companies of volunteer fire personnel, one of which is the 14th Company. On a recent visit to Santiago, HRH The Prince Edward, an honorary member of the 14th since 2008, formally presented a special silver cup to the Company, which was produced by Special EFX. The trophy will, in turn, be presented to the Best in Show at the Anglo Cars Concourse de Elegance, to be held 10th December, which is a major fund-raising event for The 14th Company.

The 14th was originally established in 1958 by a group of local residents, in gratitude to the hospitality extended by the city to the British Community.  Some 58 years later, the Company has 35 active volunteers who handle on average nearly three calls daily, including car and other accidents. Much-needed funds are required to pay for a new fire tender and one popular annual event, which attracts the crowds and has established an international reputation, is the Anglo Cars veteran car show.

Classic silver cup design for annual presentation

The trophy is a classic design in polished silver plate, featuring the diamond-engraved Company’s Coat of Arms and supplied with twelve self-adhesive plates for future winners’ names.

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