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Multiple 180s Raising £1 Million for Prostate Cancer UK

What a trophy!! Standing at 840mm tall and weighing a hefty 16kgs this magnificent award was revealed as the brand new trophy for the Paddy Power World Darts Championship at the Alexandra Palace, which started back in December. Six members of the EFX production team who worked on the trophy had the honour of attending the event and were so excited to go!

The original Sid Waddell Trophy remained the winner’s trophy for this year’s winner Luke Humphries but this exciting new showstopper was commissioned to mark to most 180s scored in the championship by its competitors, which was also won by Luke Humphries. The new award; probably the biggest darts trophy on the planet (and definitely the biggest award we’ve ever made at EFX!!) is the latest addition to THE BIG 180 Campaign, which saw Paddy Power donate £1,000 to Prostate Cancer UK for every maximum scored during the 2023/24 World Darts Championship. Therefore celebrating the player who raised the most money for charity. “Football has the Ballon d’Or, so it’s only right that darts has the Ballon d’Art. It will be handed to the player who is literally single-handedly responsible for raising the largest sum of money for Prostate Cancer UK during the tournament,” said Paddy Power, spokesman for the sponsors.

This exposure was all to drive awareness and encourage the huge amount of viewers of this Championship and those who hear about the event to complete the simple online risk checker for Prostate Cancer and in turn lead Paddy Power to donate one of the biggest and transformative charity donations to Prostate Cancer UK. The online risk checker has been used by 100,000 men since THE BIG 180 campaign was revealed, compared to one-fifth of that number during the same period of time last year, contributing to a five-fold increase!

The final figure raised by the World Darts Championship was a massive £914,000 which was then rounded up to £1,000,000 by Paddy Power! This will fund lifesaving research to diagnose men sooner and improve the lives of those affected by the most common cancer in men, with a record 4.8 million viewers who watched the final between Luke Humphries and Luke Littler, the exposure was huge!

Darts Supersized

Our account handler Carla said “This is the biggest award we have ever made, with the largest flight case too!

We have been commissioned to make many high-profile awards for major client events like the British Grand Prix, Formula E Racing & PokerStars globally, as well as other trophies for the PDC, but we have got to say we have enjoyed the design process and the production challenges to create this mega Ballon d’Art trophy.

The base of this supersized award is solid oak with a 24 carat gold plated Aluminium plate to the top and bottom. The piece features an acrylic printed plate of the treble 20 section of a dartboard, while the stem of the darts are 24 carat gold plated machined aluminium, while the flights at the top were 3D printed and sprayed gold.

Paddy Power had this to say about their mega trophy – “It was amazing to see the Ballon d’Art come to life from drawing to [the final] last night on the stage, simply brilliant.” “The Ballon d’Art trophy captured the imagination of everyone, taking on a life of its own after several of the world’s most famous darts throwers confessed they were keen to get their hands on it. Its sheer scale was testament to the fact that the trophy represented something bigger than the game as part of THE BIG 180 campaign. “It was fitting that Luke Humphries took it home given his very personal connection to Prostate Cancer UK charity. The fact that he could lift all 16kgs of it after his battle with Littler was a feat in itself!”

Read more about the winner here and the incredible things Paddy Power have achieved for Prostate Cancer UK.

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