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Michael van Gerwen Emerges Victorious at the 2023 US Darts Masters

The US Darts Masters winner and runner up trophies in silver and gold

Three-time World Champion Michael van Gerwen secured victory at the 2023 bet365 US Darts Masters, in front of a packed crowd at The Theatre at Madison Square Gardens, New York.

Entrants for the Professional Darts Corporation’s World Series of Darts event included eight of the top-ranked players in the world and eight North American representatives as they competed across two days.

The 2023 US Darts Masters Trophy

Trophies were awarded to champion Michael van Gerwen, from the Netherlands, and to runner up Jeff Smith, from Canada.

These fantastic metal awards took inspiration from all things American, and were created in the shape of the USA with features creating the American flag within the body.

While the design was mostly the same for the awards for the champion and runner-up, there were some differences that really made these trophies special.

The silver runner-up trophy was finished with plated nickel in a high polish, with the US flag created through laser engraving.

The gold trophy for the champion was more complex, with the stars and stripes feature cut out by waterjet, and the aluminium plated in high polished gold.

The US Darts Masters was the second PDC tournament in 2023 where EFX have provided the trophies, with March’s Cazoo UK Open trophies having seen the organisation use a newly-designed award for champion Andrew Gilding and runner-up Van Gerwen.


2023 US Darts Masters Results

First round

  • Rob Cross 6-2 Jason Brandon
  • Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-2 JT Davis
  • Luke Humphries 6-2 Alex Spellman
  • Nathan Aspinall 6-4 Matt Campbell
  • Gerwyn Price 6-1 Jules van Dongen
  • Jeff Smith 6-2 Peter Wright
  • Jim Long 6-2 Michael Smith
  • Michael van Gerwen 6-2 Jake Macmillan



  • Michael van Gerwen 6-2 Jim Long
  • Rob Cross 6-2 Dimitri Van den Bergh
  • Luke Humphries 6-4 Gerwyn Price
  • Jeff Smith 6-2 Nathan Aspinall



  • Michael van Gerwen 7-6 Rob Cross
  • Jeff Smith 7-6 Luke Humphries



  • Michael van Gerwen 8-0 Jeff Smith


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