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Green Success for Digital Masters Awards

The Digital Masters Awards were launched in 2014. They are now in their second year and the event took place 5th June at London’s Freemasons’ Hall, attracting some 800 attendees from all over Europe. The large turnout and the calibre of winners is testament to The Up Group, which organises the Awards.

Alex Hazell, Head of Marketing and Events, attributes the rapid growth of the event to its unique targeting: “There are a lot of Awards ceremonies in our space that recognise companies and projects, but the Digital Masters Awards are the only ones that reward the talented individuals working tirelessly behind the scenes to drive this success. I think this has really resonated with our audience and added a new must-attend event to their calendars”.

The trophies were made by Special EFX from cast acrylic, in a distinctive translucent green. They were then printed with the winners’ details. Each one weighs in at an impressive 2 kilograms. The “green cubes”, as they are referred to in the industry, are highly prized and synonymous with excellence in the digital disciplines. Hazell explains how the awards themselves are part of the overall branding strategy: “We wanted to create a unique and recognisable award, which also incorporated the green from our logo, to instantly link them to the work we do in the digital space.  The ceremony also used a lot of green lighting to continue this theme and this has really helped us create a distinctive brand around the Awards in a relatively short time”.

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