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My Golden Moment by Matthew Davies of the Online Retail Awards

So there I am … sitting around, waiting for nothing in particular … feeling life’s a bit flat, dull and uninteresting, when I’m whisked into the air and feel myself turned this way and that. I can feel eyes on me, assessing my qualities. This is new

Strong, capable hands ease me down into a lying position, on my back. I can feel pressure at my extremities as though I’m being restrained. Not unpleasant, but firmly secured. In the background, I hear water.

O-o-o-oh … the first jet of cool water hits my front and takes my breath away. I can feel the water easing into my curves, shaping me with such a lively accuracy. I feel sculpted, refined, elegant, almost voluptuously rounded.


R-r-r-r-rrr … the chilly jet of water eases across my middle, realigning, chasing away unwanted material to create pure lines. The water runs down my left leg and under the foot … changing from silky smoothness to a tingling tickle, before scanning up the inside of my leg. A sensual experience that defines the character, before flipping up to shape the contours of my upper body, with meticulous care and attention to detail.

A-a-a-a … the water jet teases out more of my character before cutting away down my right leg. The water jet that smoothed voluptuously at first, now feels precise and angular. The jet moves up and down my right side, then runs under my right foot and caresses the inner leg, paralleling the movement on my right side.

The water pressure slackens. Hands ease me free and lift me, wiping away remaining moisture, leaving me clean and dry. I’m carried gently to a bench and once again laid on my back. Now they do something to my feet … so that’s how a thoroughbred feels when being shod – giving me a secure footing. There’s pressure but no pain and there’s some gentle tapping before I’m moved again.

A machine hums. Hands begin to massage me. I glow with a silver lustre as the hands do their work. My full nature slowly begins to shine through and it feels like every contour has been smoothed and every plane flattened and flattered to perfection.

Another machine hums. Beyond human hearing, in the ultrasound spectrum, every plane, curve and crevice is stripped, completing my cleansing routine.

Those same hands ease me into the caress of soothing fluid. I feel like Cleopatra, bathing in milk. Baths envelop me in foundation solutions. Seven times I’m immersed – cleansing every last micron of my surfaces – before I’m coated in real gold, like Shirley Eaton in “Goldfinger”.  I gleam. I glisten. I glow Gold.


I’m carried to a warm room and suspended as my contours dry in breaths of heated air.

Every last droplet of moisture evaporates leaving me dry, spotlessly clean and ready for the final stages of my make-up and dressing.

I’m ready to be made flawless, for final details to be engraved for all to see. For more caring hands to polish me to almost diamond perfection for my big night. Eyes inspect me to check every aspect, every detail, every millimetre. Like a fine catwalk model I stand in the light as the ones who made me what I am appraise me.

I am allowed to rest for while, but time waits for no one and I’m made ready for the journey ahead. I am nestled into a travelling compartment and luxuriate in padded comfort. Before long, new, competent, gloved hands lift me on to a platform. There are others, here, smaller, but just as polished in their night-out finery – silver to my gold. We stand quietly waiting for our moment.

I wait the longest. Suddenly, I’m in the spotlight.

Music plays: the big fanfare.

I’m escorted by a young woman, dressed almost as beautifully as me, on to a much bigger stage and I hear the magic words: “…and the winner of the Online Retail Awards Prix d’OR 2014 is … Shop Direct and Capture!”

I’m grabbed by eager hands and raised aloft. This is my golden moment and I am the golden prize of the night – made by Special EFX and presented to the overall winner of the Online Retail Awards 2014.

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