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Global Game of Code Cracks Solution in 36 Hours

The Game of Code 2021 held online April 9-11th harnessed the power of some ingenious tech brains from around the world and tackled two real-life issues in the manic 36-hour window of the competition. Otherwise known as a hackathon, the Game of Code was initially set up as an annual live event to be held in Luxembourg but this year was held online.  Competing teams chose from two challenges, both closely related to real-life communication issues caused by the international pandemic. The winners needed to come up with an innovative and original digital solution, devised in just 36 hours.

Stepped pillar design achieved in cast acrylic

It was time to embrace pressure and get stuck in. The stakes were high: pride, prestige, a serious amount of prize money and of course the EFX trophies for the top three placed teams for each challenge. EFX custom-designed and produced the trophies specifically for the Game of Code 2021 competition. The stepped pillar design is capped with a translucent red acrylic cube, meticulously laser cut to reveal a notched-edge, whilst the white background is digitally printed with the event’s logo. In contrast, the solid red and black, cast acrylic pillar standing underneath is screen printed.

The Sleepy Crew team won the Docler Holding challenge, which centred around live streaming and video conferencing. Meanwhile, the Banque Raiffeison challenge required the creation of a solution to share ideas and help shape the bank’s future by creating a community, digital platform that encouraged participation and was won by Team 2021.

Images © Sabino Parente – Docler Holding

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