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Excitement Builds For British Aerobatics Open Championship

Coming this July, The British Aerobatics Open Championship will be taking flight! This motorsport event will bring together the top aerobatic pilots in the UK and some from overseas to compete for the title of British Open Champion in three categories (Advanced, Unlimited, and Freestyle). We’re sure there will be many jaw-dropping, hold-your-breath displays to see at this event and without a doubt, definitely award worthy!

Aerobatic competitions like this comprise of high-energy dynamic flying, not dissimilar to what you see at the Red Bull Air Race. Across multiple flights, pilots will compete against each other in front of the judges to perform the most accurate sequence of manoeuvres.

This is the first Open event where overseas competitors are welcome to join and compete for the title. EFX were asked to create 3 trophies, one for each of the categories, Advanced, Unlimited and Freestyle, something winners can be proud to take home after their exciting display.

Sky High Design

The final design chosen by The British Aerobatics Open Championship is a striking black anodised aluminium award, the shape inspired from photos and plans of the actual competition planes, soaring out from the base of the award. The laser engraved detailing features the fascinating ‘Aresti’ symbols, which are used by the aerobatic pilots to identify different manoeuvres. Their branding is also digitally printed onto the base.

The client was thrilled with their finished trophies – “The trophies EFX designed for us are terrific!  They were unanimously praised when we showed them to our members.  We are really looking forward to handing them over to the winning pilots in July.”  We cannot wait to see this dynamic and thrilling event take place with all the excitement in the sky on the 10th-14th July at the Sywell Aerodrome in Northamptonshire.

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