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EFX Captures the Ultimate in British Craftsmanship

Guests attending this year’s British Arrows Craft Awards ceremony entered the darkened venue. The 32 awards were dramatically exhibited centre stage, on a custom-built table, each one individually up-lit and glowing. Head of Awards, Katie Taylor, reported the sense of expectation and excitement was palpable from the outset. The Awards honour the individual craftsmanship involved in making British TV commercials.

The trophy design was given a major makeover this year by Katie and British Arrows Board Director, James Hilton from AQKA. Katie explained: “We wanted to encompass the ethos of craftsmanship in the design and to honour the winners with an award that was heavily crafted and weighted to reflect its worth. We were recommended Special EFX as a manufacturer who would work closely with us to achieve the ultimate and embrace our high expectations”. The production challenge was how to create a ghost-like body for the arrow, whilst still ensuring visual impact, which was solved by EFX with acrylic encapsulation. Katie was impressed: “Working with Sophie and the EFX team was a dream – they pre-empted our every need and reached solutions before we had even posed the question”.

And, the winners certainly loved their Arrow awards, as not a single one was reported as left behind in the taxi going home or dropped en route! A record for the Arrows!

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