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Circuit Board Awards Reinforce AOM Conference Data Topic

The business awards recently manufactured by EFX for the Academy of Management (AOM) are a perfect illustration of how a trophy design can be strategically used to reinforce the theme of an event. In this case, the occasion was the AOM’s first specialized conference hosted in April by the University of Surrey: Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy and the awards each featured a correlating section of a circuit board.

Circuit board trophy design captures data theme

The main challenge in production was to accurately cut the circuit boards to the required irregular octagon shape; these were then accented with a backdrop of green acrylic applied to the reverse. The main face of the business trophy design is made in polished nickel plated aluminium and is digitally printed and personalised. Each of the bespoke trophies feature a solid wood, black plinth, ensuring the trophies are both stable and free-standing. The awards were manufactured after the event and distributed to those honoured.

Event Photos credited to Academy of Management

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