Gold Finish Trophies


Pristine, gleaming gold has an intrinsic value, which is recognised the world over. Unquestionably desirable and synonymous with high value, gold awards have a certain prestige and glory all of their own, so it makes sense that our bespoke gold trophies have become such a popular option for esteemed events.
Add an element of extravagance to your ceremony
The beauty of our gold trophies is that no matter how imaginative your design, we can work with you to create it. From gold, rose gold and nickel plated awards to our bespoke gold awards designed and manufactured using 24kt gold plate – the sky is the limit with this luxurious material.
At our manufacturing works in the Cotswolds, we have honed the art of designing and producing gold trophies, cups, awards, medals and plaques. Many are water jet cut and pierced in aluminium and then expertly gold plated and further embellished with personalised printed graphics and laser engraved inscriptions. We have even been known to craft solid gold cufflinks and silver gift ingots as recognition scheme gifts, complete with our own hallmark.
Feeling inspired? Get in touch for your free gold trophy design
If you know the sort of gold awards you’re looking to create, great! Our design team are well-accustomed to working off a customer design brief to bring their ideas to life.
Lacking inspiration? Featured below are some of our favourite custom gold trophy designs, including the 24kt gold plated trophies for global brands such as Guinness, Coca Cola, Shell, Cathay and Lloyds.
Whether you’re looking for a gold trophy for an upcoming event or are planning well in advance, if you want a truly amazing award for your next project – we can help. Call our friendly team on 01789 450005 or email for your FREE gold trophies design today.
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