3D Machined & Cast Metal Trophies


Enjoy the sculptured style of three-dimensional cast metal trophies. Made in a variety of materials, including resin, bronze and aluminium, EFX 3D machined awards are detailed and perfectly formed.
Clients can supply their own CAD drawing or we can create the original concept for you.
Casting is a unique method of manufacture; it commences with the sculpting of the original design in clay or expertly drawing and 3D printing it in our studio. Moulds are then produced and the trophies individually produced using the lost cast wax process.
Bespoke metal trophies are also precision-engineered at EFX’s works: three- dimensional shapes, featuring deeply milled logos and decorative details.
For added personalisation, EFX can engrave both the sculptured cast awards and the chosen plinths. The results are stunning, unique and provide the opportunity to create a highly personal award.
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