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Awesome Award Winning Alpacas on Show at Alpakkautstillingen 2023

The Norwegian Alpaca Association‘s incredible Alpakkautstillingen 2023 was held over the weekend of 15th and 16th April at the Stangehallen National Hall in Stange, Norway.

It’s a celebration of all things alpaca, with 156 animals registered to take part in the exhibition, coming from all across Norway.

As well as the alpacas, there was plenty for everyone to enjoy, including courses, lectures and conversations with breeders and a Market Square full of stalls and shops selling alpaca products, gifts and more.


Awards for alpacas

The alpacas are firstly categorised by age and gender, with the champions of each category going forward to compete for the title of Supreme Champion.

There are prizes for the best alpacas in each colour category of grey, black, brown, fawn, light and white, with Supreme Champions declared in each colour class.

There are also special awards for the best breeding alpaca (male and female), and for the best Norwegian bred animal, who must have both parents born in Norway.

The head judge for the competition was Robin Näsemann, who has been a breeding suitability screener for the Alpaca Breeders Association of Germany for over 10 years. 

After the judging of each category, Robin provided feedback and opinions for his decisions, helping all breeders and alpaca enthusiasts learn more about these wonderful animals.

You can download a full list of winners and results in all categories from The Norwegian Alpaca Association‘s website.


Designing trophies for Alpakkautstillingen

Creating the trophies for Alpakkautstillingen was a great opportunity for EFX to design something unique, engaging and fun.

The main inspiration for the design came from the logo of awards organisers, The Norwegian Alpaca Association, which is a lovely silhouette of an adult and baby alpaca (cria) standing together.

EFX worked with The Norwegian Alpaca Association to create a freestanding oak award, with the beautiful, natural wood forming the base and adult alpaca, with the baby alpaca in contrasting metal. 

This design was a beautiful mix of styles and textures, really bringing the logo to life.


The Alpakkafest awards

As well as the Alpakkautstillingen trophies, EFX were also asked to create bespoke awards for Alpakkafest too.

Alpakkafest is another highly anticipated alpaca exhibition, and includes separate competitions for alpacas and for fibre (or fleece). 

These awards were also designed using a combination of natural oak, bamboo and metal plate in the shape of the organisation’s logo.

However, the big difference here was the brightness and colour of the digitally printed artwork, compared to the simplicity and natural finish of the Alpakkautstillingen awards.

We think that both trophies are beautiful examples of how you can use a combination of different materials to create unique, contracting and really memorable award designs. 

Photos © Mona Ødegård

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