We design and manufacture our unique and exclusive awards to the highest quality standards, here in the UK. Significant investment in the latest technology means we create thousands of innovative designs each year and offer new and exciting special effects and finishes.
You are welcome to take a tour and see the many intricate stages of design and manufacture, including 2D & 3D CAD Design, 3D scanning, rapid prototyping, 3D machining, CNC turning, water-jet cutting, laser cutting, polishing, electroplating, laser engraving, digital UV printing and assembly.

Such a level of integration all on one site provides unprecedented visibility at all stages of the thousands of orders we produce each year. It also ensures we have complete control of quality and can provide the flexibility of service that customers require.
We also do our best to be sensitive to the environment and have installed a major water recycling plant and extensive solar panels at our works, in order to reduce energy and natural resource consumption.
  • Our studio works in a variety of 2D and 3D software to create original designs and make ready for production customer supplied artwork. Photo-quality renders are available, on request.
  • Working at our manufacturing site or on location, we scan original objects in 3D to the accuracy of a few micron, using sophisticated laser technology. These are then re-scaled or modified and incorporated as design elements into our bespoke awards and trophies.
  • Once an object is in 3D format, we can produce rapid prototypes; these are used to produce component casts in resin or metal. Alternatively, they can be painted or electro-plated as part of the finished trophy.
  • 3D Machined Bespoke Awards
    We are able to machine out of solid metal the most complex and intricate of shapes using the latest in computer controlled lathes and vertical machining centres.
  • Using the latest computer controlled lathes we are able to turn a variety of symmetrical shapes from solid metal.
  • The accuracy and power of cutting by water-jet is impressive. We use it to cut metals up to 150mm thick, wood, acrylic and glass, achieving everything from precise, tight angles to elegant, sweeping curves.
  • This department at our works cuts acrylics up to 25mm thick, producing perfectly-shaped decorative components with a diamond polished edge. It also undertakes most of the detailed personalisation and inscription of logos and winners’ details.
  • This process enables us to manufacture in a variety of materials, including solid aluminium, and then coat them in attractive and high perceived value effects such as nickel, rose and natural gold, silver, black nickel and copper.
  • First impressions count, none more so than the stunning finishes and effects which typically adorn our awards and trophies. Our craftsmen have a wealth of expertise in producing mirror, brushed and satin metal finishes.
  • We are able to precision-engrave logos, text and winners’ names on most surfaces, including metals, wood, stone, glass and acrylic using advanced laser technology.
  • Bold, colourful graphics are a powerful design element of many trophies, awards and plaques. Our full-colour printers are ideal for producing high quality images and text on both metals and acrylics.
  • Our bespoke awards are designed to thrill and often involve a multi-stage production process, culminating in each one being assembled by hand. They are then triple-checked against a client’s order, given a final polish and carefully packed for despatch.
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