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A New Season & New Design For Golf For The Disabled

The Golf For The Disabled (G4D) Tour was launched in 2022 and is part of the DP World Tour’s commitment to inclusivity in golf, aimed at the leading players from the World Ranking for Golfers with a Disability. The athletes who compete in these events are the best players in the world (Gross & Nett Ranking) and truly showcase the inclusive nature of golf, with the hope of encouraging others to take up the sport. Players span all disabilities (physical, sensory, or intellectual), genders and nationalities.

Now in its third season, the 2024 G4D Tour’s international schedule will see them travel to new markets such as Ras Al Khaimah, Kenya and the United States. Utilising the DP World Tour’s innovation, inclusivity and global reach, G4D has a series of 9 events culminating in a grand series finale aligning with the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai later this year. In a further change for the new season, the leading eight male and two female players from each ranking will be invited to compete – ensuring that female golfers with a disability are represented at each event, helping to drive awareness for the female game too.

Sustainable Design

In the three years of working with G4D, we’ve seen them innovate each year, always ensuring they’re at the forefront of design and rebranding their trophies each year. When designing a new trophy for each season G4D wanted to ensure three key areas were accommodated in the design of the trophy:

  • a sustainable design, supporting their environmental ambitions
  • the ability to make the trophy unique to the event with bespoke logos
  • Brand identity of the relevant tournament pulled through, so that each year the trophy sits as part of a series

Across the three years we have been able to accommodate these requests, offering creative designs that encompass these three key components. We felt this year’s shape, size and design all aligned well with what G4D represent and became a natural evolution to previous year’s designs. Our aluminium is 79% recycled and 100% recyclable and we have used recycled acrylic for that element of the design.

We are proud to support this incredible initiative and all of their values year on year at EFX.

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