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New Trophy Design Inspires Increased Participation in BEST Global Awards

The design of the trophies for the BEST (British Energy Saving Technology) Global Energy Awards is credited as a key factor in driving up entry nominations, according to the client and organiser of the event. This year, the brief to Special EFX was to echo the progressive image of the company and endorse its conference theme, ‘Unleash the Power of the Network’, in the design of the trophy. EFX skilfully used a combination of layered, angled shapes, in shades of a single, bold colour and a conspicuous, central globe cut into the acrylic to successfully meet the brief.

Customer appreciates positive feedback concerning new awards

The new design was reported by the customer to be a big success: “The quality of the awards is extremely high and both key requirements are absolutely spot on. We received a number of comments about how good they look and they were certainly much coveted on the day”.

Expanding on the role of the Awards, he added: “The awards are a huge motivator for our partners. We don’t often get face-to-face contact with them, as they operate all around the world. So when we do, we have to make it special and memorable. The quality and style of the awards make them feel special and have definitely added to the way our partners have strived to get nominated. We’ve had companies increase their project values by more than $400m this last year, and literally have tears in their eyes accepting our award for their good work!”

The Awards were presented 9 November at the London County Hall and were the highlight of the Best Energy Partner Conference. Nine winners were announced from over 100 BEST partners from around the world, all working to reduce energy consumption, globally. Asked to account for the importance and influence of the Awards, a spokesperson for the event provided this personal insight: “One man comes to mind – Danny Badran of Minimise USA. A few years ago, he had throat cancer and lost his voice box. He was silent for years, before teaching himself to speak again. This year, he has done incredible things in the energy industry, forging the single largest energy saving project in the history of our company. For him, our award was the culmination of an incredible journey: not just a business journey but a personal one too”.

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